Creeper Series Guitar

Clear texture, beautiful color and warm sound make Acacia wood one of the most popular guitar materials. LISTEN ivy in this piano, it is the use of rare imported shadow Acacia wood, to be handled in the details to complete the innovation.

After LISTEN has completed its innovations, LISTEN has been using its own custom-made, gold-plated chinos in Taiwan to ensure its precision during the tuning process as well as the tactile sensation during tuning, allowing musicians to tune easily and comfortably , Has also become the most effective anti-counterfeit labels LISTEN. In ivy this piano above, we added a new lock string function, greatly enhanced the stability of the Newton, to ensure that musicians in the process of playing a better experience, so that musicians focus on music, so that performance More arbitrary.


The same rose wood fingerboard with white butterfly mosaic pattern. According to the characteristics of this piano, a creeper, from the bottom of the neck, along the edge of the fingerboard, across a section of character, lingering, indomitable.

Positive attitude, indomitable will, music so, so is the guitar, the most indispensable, but also the most valuable is subversive self, courageously forward to seek more possibilities. All along, LISTEN demanding their own perfection, almost paranoid attitude of the piano, creating LISTEN guitar, guitar lovers for many, for many musicians to provide one after another a good piano.


Barrel: JF Type Notched Panel: AAA import shadow Acacia
Dorsal plate: AAA import shadow Acacia Neck: One-on-one African Mahogany + Rosewood Five-stitched craft in Germany
ADJUSTING BAR: Australian neck adjustment technology Neck Thickness: 20.5mm-22.5mm (1F-10F)
Fingerboard Mosaic: White Butterfly shell creeper motif Head Patch: 2mm imported shadow Acacia
Down: Rosewood Flanger: Rosewood chamfer + rosewood hand
Flower spike: Abalone shellfish + maple maple handmade inlay Painting: Hand painted high-definition varnish
Head LOGO: White Butterfly Jane LOGO Strings: ELIXIR Elixir 012-053
up and down pillow: high-grade real bone Chord: Made in Taiwan Customized 20-Pair Agate Cover with Gilt Chord Buckle
Chord: 648mm & 2mm