6 string steel guitar tunings
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    Steel Guitar String Gauges for Pedal & Non Pedal

  • John Ely's Steel Guitar World Article on Tunings

    Tunings for Lap Steel (Reprinted from Steel Guitar World Magazine, 1992) September 12, 1998. By JOHN ELY

  • Scotty's Music Tunings - St. Louis, Missouri

    E13TH. 1 - G# 2 - E 3 - C# 4 - B 5 - G# 6 - E 7 - D 8 - B or E. Used By Don Helms (Hank Williams), Little Roy Wiggins (Eddy Arnold And George Morgan) And Speedy West ...

  • Non-Pedal Steel Guitar Tunings

    C6 *Each steel guitar tuning is a unique tool as an extension of your personality, but the C6th tuning is a Swiss-knife for chords.

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    A comprehensive listing with commentary of most of the playable steel guitar tunings used over the last 100 years.

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    An eight-string guitar is a guitar with two more strings than the usual six, or one more than the Russian guitar's seven. Eight-string guitars are less common than ...

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    Non pedal lap steel guitar strings are available in many different tunings. We carry string sets designed for 6 string A6th, C6th, E13th, and E7th tunings as well as ...

  • Tuning 10 String Pedal Steel Guitar | Peterson Strobe Tuners

    The pedal steel guitar is usually tuned to either E9 or C6 - or both in the case of a double neck, but there are other tunings.

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    I played all this tab on a Rondo SX 6 string lap steel. Many people agonize over getting a 6 string versus an 8, 10 or 12 string lap steel. The 6 string lap steel is ...

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    Guitar tunings assign pitches to the open strings of guitars, including acoustic guitars, electric guitars and classical guitars, among others. Tunings can be ...